Who is Mad Mike and Why is He “MAD”? (Making a Difference)

“MAD” Mike is the owner, visionary, chef, and heart of “MAD” Mike’s Store. He has been in the food business for over 40 years because he loves it!

His background includes: Bus Boy, Restaurant Owner, Multi Unit Restaurant Owner, Senior Executive for two major food distribution companies, Sales and Marketing Consultant, and World Famous Sausage Guy!

Mad Mike

When we say Mike is “MAD,” we don’t mean he is angry or crazy; Mike is “MAD” which stands for Making a Difference”

We strive to “Make a Difference” for our World, our Country, and our Community by Supporting America’s 
Small Businesses, Veterans, First Responders and Community!

Mad Mike’s 4 F’s: Food, Family, Friends, and Fun!

MAD Mike’s Philosophy: Everyone who touches our company must feel good about the experience.

“MAD” Mike’s Gourmet Sausage

When “MAD” Mike first got into the sausage business he started with just a couple of recipes given to him by a good friend and Executive Chef whom he had worked with for years. “MAD” Mike adopted these secret recipes and developed many more of his own over the next 10 years. He experimented using fresh quality meats and aromatic spices and now “MAD” Mike’s Store sells over 35 different varieties of sausages ranging from Mild to Wild!

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